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Shared-trade for profit

Yhú Life is actively engaged in fair trade initiatives that benefit small indigenous farming communities throughout Ecuador. Together we are committed to cultivate, develop, and produce an end-use for many of the nutrient rich ‘superfoods’ they produce and are native to these regions.

Our long-term goal is to work with these communities to sustain their organic ‘agroforestry’ farming methods and to increase awareness of the value of their ancient-heritages.

Our initiatives allow small producers to work together as associations promoting greater opportunities, close to their homes, while earning higher wages. These communities produce organic, sustainably grown products for health conscious active lifestyle consumers.  Our co-branding fair-trade for-profit concept increases benefits and earnings by adding value to their ingredients as consumer ready products for export into mainstream marketplaces. 

Without profits, there is no way out of poverty

Without profits, the rainforest cannot be sustained

Our Mission

To progressively develop nutritional products adopting the ancient cultures and traditions of our America with a strong social and environmental consciousness. Our passion for the outdoors and endurance sports such as cycling, extreme trail and mountaineering inspired us to develop Yhú Life, introducing to the natural and functional food marketplace, products made from the ancestral ingredients used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and Andean regions of Ecuador

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food…

– Hippocrates (460-357 BC)