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From left to right: Tzama Tzamarenda, Filmmaker/Photographer, Shuar Nation, Tawasap community, Palora,  Morona Santiago; Fredy Shiguango, Director Wiñak Indigenous farming organization, Archidona, Napo, William Garces, YHU.life, Managing Member; Marlon Vargas, President CONFENAIE, representing all indigenous nations within Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest.

Yhú Life is about you and about us; it’s about life as the force that sustains our endeavors.

Yhú Life is an opportunity to invest in our quest to enhance wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and increased performance in physical activities. More than a business, Yhú is an initiative centered on caring for people, their communities and their natural environment. While we export healthy products to enhance consumer’s lifestyles, we also educate our producers and their families to promote healthy living and eating in their villages.  A key Yhú goal is to improve the educational and health standards of these indigenous communities without sacrificing their valuable traditions or their land.

Yhú Life is actively pursuing sustainable for-profit fair-trade business models with small community farmers throughout Ecuador. Together we are committed to cultivate and develop an end-use for many of these nutrient rich superfoods. While we work with these famers to incorporate organic farming methods, we help educate them about the value of their ancient-heritage seed stocks.


Our Communities

These are our communities; People who live in the rain forest, or the highlands of Ecuador.  These are the people of latitude cero; people of the low lands or the altitudes of the Andes and their majestic mountains.  They are the original inhabitants of our land; simple and wise, they have prevailed and kept their inheritance, culture and values in an unfavorable environment.  These are the Kichwas, the Shuar, the Ashuar, the Puruhaes and Panzaleos, the Kitu Karas.  These are their faces.  These are our communities of producers that lovingly toil the land to which they and their ancestors belong and from which they produce the ingredients that together, we bring for you.

Our Values

  • Social responsibility

    • investors and shareholders justly rewarded
    • support development of native communities
    • fair prices to our producers within these communities
    • teaching fair trade practices to small grower cooperatives
  • Environmental responsibility

    • assure small producers commit to farming practices that sustain their environment
    • encourage and facilitate practices to maintain their cultural heritage while
    • guaranteeing organic quality and absence of transgenic material
    • environmental safety
  • Nutritional Responsibility

    • ingredients are sourced for optimal freshness and nutritional benefits
    • products to enrich your diet
    • encourage healthy eating patterns
    • acknowledge we have a role to play in supporting healthy choices.